Sketch: Cumbria Police & Crime Panel

DANGERPETE Tuesday 13th March. Mid-March in Cumbria. Freezing outside but a sweatbox in the glass-fronted "Community Room" at Penrith Fire Station, high above Kemplay Bank roundabout. Welcome to a PFI-funded greenhouse complete with a wobbly Press Table. Tepid coffee but distant views of the far-off Keswick peaks capped in snow. Cumbria’s police & crime commissioner is … Continue reading Sketch: Cumbria Police & Crime Panel

Sketch: Lake District Planning Meeting

SURLY MOSS To Murley Moss then. A.k.a Murley Mess. The Joke Factory. The drab headquarters of the Lake District National Park Authority. From the outside, it looks like a mental health unit and on the inside, it has all the Joie de Vivre of the Dignitas departure lounge. Architecturally, it is the most uninspiring public … Continue reading Sketch: Lake District Planning Meeting

The Sketch: Eden District Council

MAYORY ROBINSON Mary Robinson might just turn out to be the best Mayor that Cumbria County Council never had. She was in action on Thursday night, chairing Eden District Council. Mary is short-haired, slight of stature and a no nonsense woman. Rifling through the 18-item agenda with a haste that left the room spinning. Arriving for … Continue reading The Sketch: Eden District Council