Sketch: The Council Cabinet

THIS time last week I was just back from a county council cabinet meeting at County Hall, Kendal. Dead behind the eyes from the Labour-Lib Dem love-in. Try as I might, I still can’t summon up any enthusiasm for writing about it. 

Not even tonight, on a dry and overcast Good Friday Eve. The problem is when Labour gets together with the Liberals at the county council it’s like watching a silent film on mute. A monthly public love-in but zero news value.

No-one wants to read about political parties getting on with each other and I certainly have no interest in writing about them. That’s what’s happening in Cumbria, right now, and it’s sickening. (Professionally, anyway.)

Ten minutes into the love-fest and already I am asleep. I have already turned the page.  I have not bought that newspaper.  I watch hamsters on You Tube. Look up people you hate and read their abuse. 

Life is just a distraction now and the only currency is people’s attention. These tedious  cabinet meetings. All very worthy, they are. 

No-one wants to read about an atmosphere of mutual co-operation and I’m certainly not going to write about it.

Here is the uncontroversial news: The county council showed a united front.

The upshot? The Government, the Tories and capitalism are pretty much to blame for everything. The works. Poverty. Refugees. Crumbling roads. Late Trains. Obesity.

End of story.

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